Are you looking to move your delivery teams to a more agile stance?

Or are your scrum teams just delivering more of the same stuff when you're really looking to accelerate your innovation? 

Maybe you have implemented an agile framework and are wondering why you're not seeing the times four delivery improvement promised!

Whatever your agile need I can probably help
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Specialising in Agile, Lean and Leadership Digital Transformational Journeys
  • Waterfall to Agile
  • Sales & Services to Tech Company
  • Managed to self-organised
  • Monolith to Micro-Services
  • Siloed to Autonomous
  • Feature Factory to Innovation Incubator


To help, Companies, IT Departments and Development Teams Accelerate their Agile Journeys, Maximise Business Value, Deliver it Continuously and have Fun in doing so.

Win-Win, That's how software development should be.



30+ Years agile experience

Passionate about the benefits of agile ways of working to improve bottom lines and delivery teams enjoyment, that's why I became independent.

My agile mindset has enabled software companies to out-learn and outpace their competition.

Agile approach to consultancy

Inspect, Do, Review, Repeat.

Engage me for a number of days and call them off at a pace that suits you and your teams.

Low Ego / No BS 

No magic 6 steps or secret formula.
Just a focus on quality and continuous improvement along with the use of highly agile practises tailored to your needs.


Agile Transformational Journeys
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Agile coaching
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Scrum Doctor
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 I offer a personal, tailored service built around my 30+ years of Agile and Lean software development experience, whether that's a single small development team or agile at scale.


His ability to implement Agile ways of working at pace and at scale proved Pivotal in our hugely successful change programme that has yielded dramatic improvements in productivity, quality and customer outcomes.

Michael helped drive both organisational and cultural change to support the transformation with the cornerstones of those being trust and autonomy, creating a working environment where talented people can thrive.

I am confident that other organisations wishing to achieve similar outcomes through the adoption of Agile ways of working would get great value from leveraging Michaels knowledge, experience and passion.

Mike Hughes CTO

Michael played a critical role in implementing Scrum practices and helping us adopt Agile principles. He demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of our IT teams becoming autonomous, self-organising teams, whilst delivering value to the organisation.

His technical skills and ability to facilitate collaboration were especially valuable in driving our Agile transformation. I would recommend Michael for any organisation seeking to adopt Agile practices.

Karen Jones Scrum Master

It was through his continued forward thinking and determination he transformed our waterfall department using lean agile principles into a successful continuous delivery department.

Emma johnson Engineering Manager